Burman Books

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer of BurmanBooks, Sanjay Burman

BurmanBooks is who I am, what I believe, and what I want to share with you, my fellow readers. I publish the books that speak to me, that suggest positive ways to transform my life and yours. These are books that will make you look at the world differently, books that will make you look at yourself with a greater sense of possibility. I won’t promise you easy answers because there are none in life. Commit to learning and I will promise you an abundance of transformative ideas, intriguing challenges, and sizzling invitations to discover life’s outrageous opportunities.

That’s my mission and my goal for this company. With our books, you’ll get access to the lessons that shape our lives—but it’s important for you to draw your own conclusions. That is the true path to personal growth. We’ll do our best to deliver the resources you need, the inspiration you want, and the encouragement to keep pursuing what interests, excites, and entertains you.

I want to hear from you about how you’re meeting life’s challenges, and what we can do to make it better. Consider this an interactive invitation to keep me informed about how you’re doing—and how we’re doing, too.

                                                                                                            Sanjay Burman



Sanjay Burman showed an early interest in business when he sold his high school to Pepsi for $1.2 million. Although the sale was not completed, Sanjay learned a lot about the art of the deal. He next apprenticed at the Toronto Film Festival at age 14, produced his first national show on the CBC at age 16, and by age 23 was vice president of packaging for Characters Talent Agency, the largest agency in Canada. He also produced a Cannes and TIFF-winning feature, Spider, directed by David Cronenberg.

In 2003, Sanjay left the entertainment industry to pursue a new direction—undertaking the study of hypnotherapy as a tool for personal growth. Specializing in treating addictive behavior and offering arrested regression therapy, Sanjay opened a clinic (still open on weekends) to pursue his new profession.  A year later, in 2004, he launched BurmanBooks, Inc.

Sanjay chose to study people’s body language because he believes it’s the best way to know a person inside and out—motives, desires, and character. He’s been called a human lie detector because of his ability to know when someone is or is not telling the truth. Sanjay has been featured on television, radio, and in print demonstrating the art of reading people—and that it’s a skill anyone can learn from his book READING PEOPLE.

Sanjay Burman is the author of : DO EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU NOT TO DO (2008), READING PEOPLE (2009), SUCCESS MADE EASY (2010), and READING PEOPLE CELEBRITY EDITION (2011).  Burmanbooks has been published in 10 countries and 9 languages.